82% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra size

82% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra size

March 01, 2018

It’s a well known fact that most of us wear the incorrect bra size. The press tell us, blogs tell us, magazines tell us and we tell you!

Of the ladies we’ve fitted, 82% wear the wrong bra size!!! And when we say wrong, we mean really really wrong size!

We’ve had ladies adamantly claiming they are a 36B: “I’m really broad, I promise you I’m not an Attollo Girl”. This lady was in fact a 30G!

Another lady came in wearing a 34DD and left measured and fitted into a 28G. My word she felt the difference and loved it!

This has become a trend as in the last weeks alone we’ve had:

36E to a 30H

36DD to a 32H

38B to a 30F

34C to a 30G

32DD to a 30G

34D to a 32FF

36C to a 32FF

34B to a 28E

There’s a common denominator here. Ladies are lead to believe that they are broader around the ribs and smaller in the cup, when in fact most ladies are slimmer in frame and fuller in the bust!

Many stores only sell the 32-38 bands and only stock up to an E cup, therefore it’s far better for their sales targets to train their bra fitters to telling everyone that they are a ’32DD’ or ’36D’ and because of the sister sizing, by eye, boobs look like they fit into the cup!

Which is exactly why the ladies who firmly believed they were ‘broader’ were wearing the 32-36’s and cup sizes B – E’s.

Remember, because of the sister size rule, when you go down a band size, your cup size goes up! So ladies, if you’re sitting at home reading this, and you’re wearing a 34DD but wear a size 8, we promise you, that it’s almost certain that you’re a 28-32 band, needing a bra such as 32E, 30F, 28FF! If you’re wearing a 36D and you wear a size 10, you are probably a 30-32 band, needing a bra such as 30F or 32E!

If you don’t believe us – this is what one of our ladies said after she was fitted out of her 34D (her band size measurement was 31 inches) and into her 32FF!

She said:

“The single most amazing bra I have put my boobs into! So comfortable and beautiful I’m leaving the shop with it on so thank you for your amazing service and life-changing bra. Will definitely return. Mxx”

Ladies, almost all of you are Attollo Girls – small framed and fuller busted! Slim, curvaceous women – the dream!

Come in and get yourself out of those mis-shapen, mis-sized, ill-fitting bras and have your Attollo Moment when you realise how amazing a perfectly fitting bra can feel like! Email us at hello@attollolingerie.com to book your fitting in!


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