Attollo’s got your summer solution

Attollo’s got your summer solution

June 13, 2018

Who doesn’t want to enjoy summer whilst feeling confident, beautiful and empowered in their lingerie?! Attollo’s got your back.

When it comes to lingerie I always used to associate summer with lack of comfort and an inconvenience however thank goodness for Attollo’s LILY light blue bra. Not only has it transformed the way I feel about lingerie in the summer but it has also changed my wardrobe. Everything looks and feels better!

A main issue I always had with lingerie was the colour. This wasn’t so much of a problem in the winter but when summer came along, I was stuck. Black or bright coloured bras under white t-shirts? No thank you! However, equally I didn’t want a boring white or beige unflattering bra underneath, not only is it unflattering and visible, it makes me feel embarrassed.


The LILY light blue bra is the summer solution! It’s not white- YES, it’s beautiful - YES, it’s comfortable - YES, it’s practical - YES and it is not visible under clothing - YES YES YES!

It’s official, goodbye boring beige and white and hello LILY light blue!


As the fashionistas us Attollo girls are, fashion is no joke. I know you will relate to me when I see all these cute summer tops and dresses I wish I could wear but can’t because it’s all to awkward when it comes to the lingerie underneath. The light blue colour makes the LILY bra invisible under clothing and the optional cross over straps saves me all the frustration of having to figure out a way of hiding them and as an added bonus it gives me extra uplift to!


Now I can wear those summer tops and dresses without even having to think about what lingerie I put on first in the morning.

To be honest I wouldn’t actually mind anymore if my LILY bra was on show because it’s so beautiful! And as girls with big boobies, we know that was not easy before Attollo came into our lives.

Love Emmy x