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Blue is the new beige

May 02, 2017

Lingerie has that amazing ability to change your posture, your confidence, your figure, your mood and your shape.

There is also that lingerie that just makes us feel and look blurrrrrrr. It normally comes in a variety of merky colours, similar to the different shades of bread.

Shapewise, they normally look something similar to a couple of egg poaching moulds. Attractive isn’t the adjective for them!

This kind of lingerie – is for those practical days where we need a smooth clean line under our tight top, or we need the discreet colouring to merge with our skin colour so that we can wear that white blouse without showing off our bra too.

This used to be the reality – then Lily was born.

Our beautiful, stylish, elegant, chic, yet practical bra.


The light blue has been specifically created to act like beige does. She can be worn with the straps crossed, or normal.

She can be mix & matched with any of our three knickers – giving you the choice for your favourite set.


She’s been designed with bespoke lace, wires, bows, satin, and gold details giving you that fist pump feeling rather than that blurrrrrrr feeling.

Blue is the new beige.

Your welcome ladies!


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