Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old and in with the new

December 29, 2018

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s New Year, so that calls for a wardrobe cleanse, including a revamp of your lingerie drawers (pun half intended)!

When we think of new bras, we immediately know a bra fitting would be the sensible idea, however it’s one so many of us put off, and perhaps put off making new underwear purchases for that reason alone! Are we right?

Bra fittings can be a hideous experience. We know, we’ve had enough of them in our time pre-Attollo, and we’ve heard countless horror stories from customers who we’ve fitted at Attollo HQ since!

This is why we came up with Bra Fitting Parties and Facetime Bra Fittings. So what are they and what’s the catch?

There isn’t one! You just need to be in an area we can access/be able to come in to see us!

Booking your personal bra fitting

1. Book yours in online booking here

2. Call us on +44 (0)20 3411 0515

3. Want to gift someone? Come in to see us for your consultation at our Attollo HQ and book yours here

4. Can't make it to London? No problem, let's have a Facetime Fitting. Book yours here. For new customers and ladies wanting a fit check after a purchase!

We’ve had women come in, mums & daughters, friends popping in, and even husbands book in to get a consultation ahead of purchasing for their wife! All are welcome!

How it works

1. We fit & measure you

2. Advise you on what size and style is best for you

3. Explain how the bra fits showing the signs to be aware of for your next lingerie shopping trip

4. Encourage you to try your new Attollo set on under your clothes, so you can see that our Lily bra really does work on under light coloured clothing, so you can see our knickers do fit seamlessly under your jeans, so you can see your new shape under that staple strappy top and you can see your new silhouette under your looser knits.

Still aren’t sure? What our customers say after their first fitting

“Attollo is more than a bra – it’s a revelation! A&F helped me realize my true band and cup size, which I had taken for granted for years! Completely and utterly in love with my new bra 


“To say Attollo lingerie is the best lingerie I’ve ever had is an understatement! This is the first time I’ve felt empowered by the lingerie I’m wearing!
Not only is Attollo comfortable but also incredibly beautiful, I love the flower print band on the Emelie bra, especially with the navy lace. I’ve always had issues with wires digging into the side of my chest however the option of having the crossover strap has been a lifesaver! An extra bonus of this is that it gives me extra uplift too! It’s amazing that there is more than one option for the matching knickers, it means I can go for the shape I know works for me rather than crossing my fingers hoping they look good. My personal favourite is the Aura thong, it makes my bum look perky and helps to put a smile on my face in the morning! I feel sexy, confident and pretty in Attollo lingerie and would recommend it to anyone. If only there was a higher option than 5 stars- love it!”


“I love love my Attollo lingerie. It’s so comfortable, flattering and beautiful to wear. The Attollo girls are as lovely as their lingerie. Highly recommend and will buying lots for xmas prezzies! x”

What are you waiting for? Let's get 2019 off to an uplifting start!


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