Bra Fitting Honest Subtitles

September 28, 2017

Ever had that bra fitting experience where you plaster a smile across your face, are incredibly polite to the fitter, but secretly crying, screaming, and shouting inside because it’s frankly a dreadful experience? We have! We put on a false exterior because our very polite Britishness has trained us to do so, and we hide what’s actually going on behind the fitting room curtain!

Our Attollo Girl Emmy, gives us a very honest account of her emotional journey while experience the torment of a high street bra fitting!


1. Walking into the shop

Reality: Why did I think this was a good idea? Can’t I go home already. No, you’ve come all this way, just man up and get it sorted.

2. Finding the lingerie department

Reality: getting distracted by the latest perfume or beauty product launch, and going on a major detour around the store, procrastinating against arriving at the lingerie floor as it suddenly becomes a reality that you’re about to strip half naked in front of a stranger. 

3. Doing a quick wreckie of the floor scanning the latest designs

Reality: Walking past all the beautiful, stylish, cute and sexy bras with too many options to choose from, to find the D+ section somewhere at the back of the floor, almost like the shops thinks this is the ugly sister of the lingerie department. I see nothing I like in my size but everything I wanted in the smaller sizes. I think I counted 2 bras in my size, may have been 3 if I’m lucky.

4. Asking for a fitting

Reality: asking 5 different shop assistants, while feeling very insignificant to them in comparison to gossiping about their weekend antics.

5. Getting measured

Reality: Getting touched in awkward places by a complete stranger, while you’re wishing you put more deodorant on and hoping that you remembered to shave your armpits that morning. The fitter has told me I’m a 30F, that’s it. No other explanation, however I don’t seem to be fit into some 30F’s and some of these shapes look wrong on me but I don’t know why. 

6. Explaining what I am looking for today

Reality: I want beautiful, uplifting, sexy, stylish, comfortable, practical but also affordable, while knowing full well that that doesn’t exist (prior to Attollo) knowing full well you’re about to receive a stash of bras who are moonlighting as a beige egg poaching cup with lace that looks strangely familiar to your grandmother’s net curtains. 

7. Trying on the fitters’ selection of bras

Reality: hating every second, cursing at all the bra manufacturers in astonishment that these are the creations some humans deemed as ‘lingerie’. Feeling more hideous by the second, and avoiding looking in the mirror as it only brings utter disappointment, frustration and life feels so unfair that all our small busted friends get to wear super sexy bralettes, lace things and look amazing in every design. 

8. Showing them to the fitter

Reality: *fake smile* pretending that everything’s ok, and thanking them for bringing so many (hideous) bras to try on. 

8. Behind the curtain

Reality: crying and feeling like the whole world is injustice because D+ bras suck. 

9. Making a purchase (if at all)

Reality: feeling robbed. You’ve just paid for bras you hate, that make you feel 20+ years older and all sex appeal just flew out of th window.

10. Getting home

Reality: tucking into a huge bar of chocolate and tub of ice cream to make us feel better after a dreadful day. 

This used to be our reality, and like many girls, we knew a bra fitting was the corret thing to do, but for all the reasons above, we put it off and put it off.

For all these reasons, we came up with the idea of Bra Fitting Parties. It’s no secret that wearing your correct bra size is important, we know this. However what few bra fitters explain is which bra shapes suit and will flatter you best. There’s little dialogue explaining why you may fit into a 30F for some brands/shapes, and not for others. It’s simple – no pair of boobs are the same, therefore no brand and no style will suit and fit everyone the same. Like jeans, like dresses, like tops, like shoes, there’s a discrepency between sizes and shapes.

With majority of women hating bra fitting, and over half of British women reusing to have a bra fitting because they hate it so much, we knew a huge change was needed.

Our Bra Fitting Parties are the answer! We can host them in your homes, or in offices, or in village halls. We will provide natural flattering daylight, rather than unflattering and bump and lump revealing artificial lights. We’ll talk you through your bra size, and expain why certain shapes will look particulalry amazing on you. We want Attollo to bring you only confidence, happiness and excitment, rather than dread and despair which comes with high street bra fitting.

So our gift to you, is our bra fitting parties! Sign up here to host or attend one!

Love the Attollo Girls x

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