Bra Fitting with a Legend: Susannah Constantine

Bra Fitting with a Legend: Susannah Constantine

May 04, 2020

“Come over to mine and we can have a fitting,” said Susannah Constantine, the Queen of Boobs. 


We may have gone a little weak at the knees, got very giddy and then took deep breaths to keep our cool as growing up, Susannah represented big boobs in a way like no other woman and we’ve always looked up to her, admired her and applauded her knowledge of dressing for boobs and bra for big boobs. 

Nervously arriving at Susannah’s house to fit her, she said “If I hate it, I will say” - there’s nothing like having bras we’ve dedicated over 6 years of our lives to, being put to the test; the ultimate test when it’s Susannah Constantine! 

Susannah usually wears two minimiser bras as she “feels governed by my tits, they prevent me wearing certain types of clothing and I want to make them as small as possible”. In a 36E, Susannah says “I hate my big boobs” - something many of us can relate to when the bras make us feel so frumpy and matronly. 

Susannah Constantine Bra Attollo Lingerie

“I don’t care how I look in my bra” however WE CARE. We care more than anyone you’ve ever met as we dedicate each and every day to making women feel their most beautiful in their perfectly fitting bras and create a feeling that few women have ever felt in their lingerie; confidence. 

On measuring Susannah’s underband, she measures as 33 inches, meaning the 36E is fitting 3 inches too loose around Susannah offering little support. “I should know better having ‘bra-ed’ so many women,” says Susannah. 

As Susannah’s 36E is too small in the cup, we fit her into a 34G which is one band size down and proportionally two cup sizes up. The change in support and uplift is clear:

“All my life I’ve been looking for a decent bra, and this is it. It’s so comfortable…... It’s making me look way more in proportion”


From a 36E bra to a 34G -  Susannah has been wearing bras too loose around her band for years and too small in the cup meaning her 34G bras will give greater support, beautiful uplift, an amazing shape, and silhouette under clothes. 


Susannah’s verdict: “ this is the best bra I’ve ever put on”



**Filmed end of 2019**