Braving Bra Fitting

August 07, 2017

All of us girls know that our choice of lingerie is very important in helping us feel confident, fabulous and sexy.

It is therefore essential to have the perfect fitting lingerie to avoid feeling squashed, badly supported and uncomfortable. Apart from the lack of comfort, poorly fitted underwear can make a huge difference to how your clothes fit and look. Comfort is of course essential but so is beauty and I believe it is reasonable to expect both.

After a long discussion about our loves and hates of bra fitting, we were amazed to hear that our new Attollo Girl, Emmy, our beautiful intern hadn’t had a bra fitting for years.
So with this in mind, we sent Emmy to Oxford Street to take on some of the high street lingerie stores and brave the bra fitting experience!


Sometimes high street stores can be off the mark. Out of the four stores I visited no one actually explained to me what they were doing in the fitting and how the bra should fit me. There is only one store that I would have purchased lingerie from as all the others made me feel uncomfortable.

When you are being fitted, the lady should make you feel relaxed, good and most importantly comfortable.

I am sure many of you will relate to me when I say that I just found myself getting hot, bothered and annoyed. Especially when in one of the stores having pressed the bell four times I was waiting a total of 20 minutes until I was finally assisted.

A disappointing realisation of mine is that unfortunately most stores are more interested in making a sale rather than ensuring you get the perfect fitting bra for you. In one of the stores the lady fitting me just looked at the bra I had selected for myself and simply said “yep”. I asked about other styles and what might suit my shape however I had a similar response. As a result I became frustrated and left without making a purchase.

However in another store I was asked what styles, shapes and colours I like and after having tried on a couple of ‘fitting bras’ and been measured with a tape measure was brought a selection for me to try on. This is the one store I definitely would have made a purchase from as the lady kindly complimented me, explained to me where the wire should be sitting on my body and a variety of other options for me to try on similar to what I had selected. The only problem? This store only offers A-D cup bras, and is not a shop for the D+ ladies. So where can we go that’ll ensure an amazing bra fitting experience? An Attollo bra fitting party! Where you can either choose to host or attend one – just sign up here!

With regards to how I felt in a fitting, the most important things to me were the feeling I was actually being listened to, the lighting in the fitting room and the explanation of the fitting. Nobody feels good when there is a harsh white light blazing down on their forehead. Personally I find a slightly dim light is best when trying on lingerie otherwise the lumps and bumps I don’t want to see are highlighted! And as a result I feel awful.

In one store every time I pressed the assistance button there was someone knocking on my door seconds later resulting in a much less stressful experience.

Even though all four stores ended up suggesting the same bra size (34D) I noticed there is a shocking lack of congruency as they all told me different things whilst I was being fitted, if anything at all.

Overall I have come to the conclusion that if you truly want the perfect bra for you, going to a professional bra fitter is a must!

I can’t wait to attend an Attollo party, where I can go to one in the morning, as a breakfast party, where my un-bloated self will feel more confident in the mirror and I won’t see all those lumps and bumps that store lighting seems to find even though no other mirror ever did! I can’t wait to feel listened to, educated, and to understand more about bra fit than just my bra size, actually learn about bra styles best suited for me – an Attollo bra fitting party couldn’t come any faster!


“Never underestimate the power of good lingerie”

Love Emmy x


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