Buttersoft Satin from Lake Como

October 10, 2017

Who doesn’t love Italy? Rome, Venice, Verona, Tuscany, Florence, Sicily the Lakes, the mountains, the volcano, the Alps, the food, the style, the lingerie, the weather. Lake Como is fast becoming one of our all time favourite spots in Italy and this particular view has something to do with it.

It’s so beautiful we couldn’t resist packing our bags and heading down to this spectacular lake ourselves!

If you’ve been, you’ll know it’s an area of phenomenal views, serenity as you look out onto the lakes, eating Italian food simultaneously and drinking on Italian wine.

Bliss. Go for a long weekend, a week, a fortnight, you’ll be reset once you’re home.

As you know, at Attollo HQ, we love a name with a meaning. Hence our brand name, Attollo, meaning ‘I lift up, I raise, I excite’ in Latin.

Our first range product names are Latin girl’s names who do as their names suggests:

Emelie: Rival

This is an inside joke because at Attollo HQ; we call Emelie the showstopper as she’s so different aesthetically to anything that we used to have on offer in our D+ sizes.

Lily: Innocence, purity & beauty. Lily is the discretely and naturally beautiful bra – she’s our angelic one.

Polly: Little one.

Letty: Cheeky. The Brazilian shape is historically the most cheeky, therefore naming it the Letty, was a natural fit!

Aura: Breeze. We all wear thongs to have a little coverage as possible right? Therefore our thong is the most breezy one, especially if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt!

So when we asked our Italian supplier what the name of our satin material meant, we were delighted to learn that it was named after a lake, a little South of Lake Como!

We use this amazing satin on the underband of our Emelie bra, and on the waistband of each of our knickers.

The satin is effortlessly chic, feminine, romantically light, and buttersoft to the touch. It’s elastic content is so luxurious that we chose to not add any elastic bands to avoid any of those muffin tops!

It’s heaven.

Not only is our satin material one of our favourite Attollo materials, it shares the same love of of semantics as us.

This particular supplier is also located in Como itself, a stone’s throw from the beautiful and spectacular popular spot, Lake Como.


So now anytime you visit Italy, and in particular, Lake Como, know that your Attollo satin comes from there too! Tag @AttolloGirls and #AttolloGirls in next time you visit Lake Como!

Love A&Fx

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