Cosmopolitan Recommends Emelie as a Shapewear Solution and we couldn't agree more

Cosmopolitan Recommends Emelie as a Shapewear Solution and we couldn't agree more

November 27, 2019

This month we were ecstatic to find the lovely ladies at Cosmopolitan had recommended as a 'Shapewear Solution' in their December 2019 Issue and we of course, couldn't agree more as Emelie is our bestselling bra for a reason; she's so much more than a bra! 

We designed Emelie as a longline for many reasons. It started with us taking our brand name literally; I lift up, I raise, I excite. All our bras must encompass all three of those adjectives. 

We started taking inspiration from how uplifting, supportive and flattering corsets are. We were inspired by how they sculpt the waist and still give such uplift that no straps are needed, meaning all the support and uplift comes from the waist; as it should do (80-90% of your breast weight is carried around the waist). 

Then we tried to problem solve two of the biggest frustrations you all shared with us through the co-creating process; you wanted thin, narrow straps that would also not cut into you like a cheese wire, and you also wanted 'back fat' to be a thing of the past. 

Our super silky, buttersoft Italian stretch satin was the answer alongside premium mesh on the inside wings of the bra. Combined, we have a deep band that shows off your tiny waist, keeps you supported, uplifted and also smooths the back and torso so you have beautiful clean lines under clothes. 

Because there's also a gap between the wire and the tension from the elastic band, Emelie is our super comfortable bra that ladies swear is the only bra they feel weightless in and some even forget they're wearing a bra at all! 

Often ladies are fearful of a longline as others they've tried before have made it such an unpleasant experience with harsh, sharp boning running down the front spearing into you as you move/sit down, and often they've found previous ones 'flip' throughout the day...not our Emelie!

To us our Emelie is our showstopper because of how elegant she looks, how uplifted she makes you feel, and how utterly stunning yet practical she is and thus, why she is our everyday staple and showstopper for special occasions, yet still counts as a shapewear solution - she's the perfect addition to your wardrobe, style and everyday world!

Thanks Cosmopolitan, we couldn't agree more with your recommendation!