Cross over styling is the new thing!

Cross over styling is the new thing!

December 06, 2018

Bras are usually pretty standard, a strap over each shoulder is the usual right? Well, we decided we wanted something a bit more exciting than that.

Although we love the usual, with our new gorgeous black range we have changed things up.

We can’t even count the amount of times that my bra straps show when it’s not intentional! At Attollo we have created beautiful bras with new cross over styling. Cross over styling is the new solution!

This means you can choose whether or not you want your straps to show. Being able to wear tops and dresses with styles that expose the shoulders and chest can be really challenging, however we’ve got your back. Our new black range gives you options- Yes, you finally have a choice!

With our beautiful black range you can choose to cross over your straps at the front if you want to add a stylish feature to your outfit. This gives you extra uplift to! Personally, we love crossing over my straps on the front on a date night, it adds that slightly sexy touch without being revealing or inappropriate. It’s the perfect combination of practical, pretty and stylish! Now we actually want our straps to show!

However, if you do not want your straps to be shown you can cross them over at the back, again giving amazing uplift. This design feature looks stunning with a top that has a low cut back- be proud in your Attollo and show it of girls!

With your Attollo lingerie you can choose to be bold or discreet. Whichever style choice you choose, you know you will feel confident, amazing and uplifted!


As always, we’ve got our Attollo girls covered.

Love Attollo x