Customer Edit:

Customer Edit: "Attollo's Facetime Fits will honestly change your life and confidence!"

October 04, 2020

I had followed Attollo on Instagram for a fairly long time, and had always awed over the beautiful Lingerie they had designed. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t fit into the size range that they offered.

Throughout lockdown, I lost nearly 5 stone, and saw Attollo pop up on my Instagram. I fought in my head for a few weeks about booking a FaceTime fitting, and what that would mean for someone that was still fairly self conscious.

My boobs had changed a lot in this time, and the bras I had were way too big, but I decided to bite the bullet and book in for a face time fitting! I booked it online, and the day of my appointment I got a lovely reminder text from Alice. I had left notes on the booking of my weight loss and that the “best fitting” bras I had, weren’t very fitting at all, but this was no problem.

When the Face Time started I was still fairly anxious, but within minutes Alice made me feel comfortable and relaxed. We measured the under-bust and then Alice used the bra I had on to work out my new cup size. As mentioned before the bra I had on was way too big for me, so once Alice had given me my size, I was still a little dubious to how it would fit.

I ordered the Emelie Bra and GiGi Underwear in two sizes to try, and was shocked at how amazingly they fitted. I then booked another Face Time with Alice, to fit check the Emelie and make sure the straps were adjusted correctly.

The end result was incredible; I had convinced myself I was in for a life of sad, saggy boobs from now on, but putting this set on drastically increased my confidence almost instantly.

I am so thankful to have found Attollo Lingerie and to have invested in their amazing garments.


If you’re considering a FaceTime fit, I can not recommend it enough, it will honestly change your life and confidence!

Thank you ladies!


Beautiful Charley wearing Emelie black longline in 32FF x Gigi high waist black in M