Customer Edit:

Customer Edit: "I can't recommend Attollo enough, they'll make you feel spectacular!"

November 08, 2020

Us busty ladies know that shopping for bras has always been a pain. You’re faced with unflattering colours and shapes, and fitters who try to squeeze you into whatever the biggest cup size their store offers. We’ve all been given ludicrous sizes, often featuring a band size that is far too big and a cup size that is far too small.

I myself was once told I was a 36C by a shop employee, knowing this to be 100% wrong.

So, when I was one of the rare people to lose weight during Coronavirus lockdowns and began noticing my 30GG bras were no longer fitting, I knew I had to make an appointment with Attollo.

I had previously encountered Attollo through a virtual fitting with the wonderful Fleur. She confidently and kindly walked me through all elements of a well-fitting bra, even giving advice on other brands and the bra I owned at the time. Knowing how much my body had changed due to weight loss (and the stress of planning a wedding during this tumultuous year), I knew I had to book in another fitting (after all, Attollo advise to do so every 6 months, especially with body changes).

I ended up having a Zoom fitting with the wonderful Elsie, who was overseen by Fleur for additional advice during her training. She walked me through the fit of the bra I was wearing (a 28H), showing me how the straps should fit, how the cups were sitting, and what size she would advise I buy in the future (even though it was a different brand!). She then recommended a new Attollo size: 28HH, prompting me to buy the Lily bra and matching Gigi high waist briefs in the gorgeous champagne shade.   

After waiting with excitement, my package finally arrived. I rushed to try it on, adjusting to the firm, supportive fit of the Attollo bra.


I sent snaps to my friends of my lovely set, prompting my maid of honour to say that I looked like a pin-up girl! I felt amazing, truly the best I had in months about myself and my frustrating-yet-wonderful boobs.


I also booked in a Fit Check, which was once again with Elsie, who showered me with compliments, thrilled to see how uplifted I was in the new bra.


To those who desperately want to know their bra size but want to do so in the comfort of their own homes, I can’t recommend Attollo enough. Use their knowledge as a tool as you go about your lingerie journey. And certainly explore their gorgeous bras and briefs. They’ll make you feel spectacular!