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Customer Edit: "I literally tell anyone that listens about Attollo"

March 04, 2021

"Attollo - where do I begin?


I stumbled across Attollo on social media. The bras looked gorgeous and the reviews were stellar - so I couldn't help but be intrigued. 


Reading the website suggested that a Zoom fitting would be a good first step so that I could figure out my Attollo size. In all honesty, I've never been hugely shy about fittings, but something about doing it online felt a bit weird/disconnected and I just wasn't too sure. I managed to catch a 'live fitting' (yes - she was happy being filmed!) and watched Alice do the fitting. Alice had a warmth about her, and even whilst watching the fit online, it was just like a 'girls night in' - so relaxed and having a girlie natter.  


Off the back of watching that fit, I had a good feeling and I booked a fit for myself. It was just like the live (minus someone else watching!). Alice was lovely. We had a good natter and even whilst wearing an old tatty bra, my 'girls' not really looking fabulous, and feeling all 'lock down frumpy' (let's be honest - the COVID kilos have hit us all) - Alice made me feel fabulous and really good about the whole process and excited to receive her size advice in an email. She followed up with an email, giving me details about my sizing and the lingerie that she thought - given what we spoke about - that I would love. We had also talked about advice on sports bras (something Attollo doesn't do at the moment) - and the reminded me of this in the email and included some brands which she thought I would love (she was right). After I told her about the 26 odd bras that needed 'rehoming' she even provided me with details of a charity that would benefit from my used bras! 


My first order arrived (Emilie in a few different colours). When browsing the website, I wasn't initially sure that long line bras would be comfy for me. How wrong I was - turns out that I'm sort of obsessed with the long line - nipping me in all the right places and giving me the famous Attollo lift. I booked a fit check with Fleur. She was just as lovely as Alice. We talked about the size, shape, and style of the bras I already had. She also gave me some advice about the best way to put my bras on (it sounds silly, but after 20 odd years of putting bras on... I'd actually been doing it wrong. Oops). I asked about other products within the range and we talked a lot about the Sienna which (similarly to the Emilie!) I wasn't sure I would like wearing 'full time' but sounded like a great 'lockdown comfort'. There was no pressure from Fleur - and she answered my questions honestly. She also hinted at some new products (can't wait!). I mulled it over (for about as long as it took for me to open my browser) and made some further purchases. 


My second and third (!) orders arrived, and after trying them on, I had a niggle with one of the sizes, so thought I'd better check in with Attollo. Elsie ended up taking my fitting. Elsie was brilliant - so sweet, and so kind. She actually asked to see me in all of my purchases - even the previous ones. Elsie really did spend quite a bit of time with me offering her honest advice and opinions. We realised that some styles/sizes fitted better than others, and I actually ended returning some that I thought were an 'OK' fit, and purchasing some others that proved to be a much better fit. She even insisted that I got in touch for a quick check or email if I felt even slightly unsure, which I really appreciated, as I was beginning to feel a bit like a 'needy customer'. 


So what was the end result? 


I've made a few more orders and I'm now firmly obsessed with my Emilie (black and light blue) and my Sienna bras - I have multiples of each and would not be without them! I wear them at home and out and about - I even took my lively dog (which Alice, Fleur and Elsie all got to video meet...!) for a walk (more like pull and trot) in my Sienna without worry - at a 32G/32GG - even I remain astounded that a bra without underwire offers this much lift and support). I love that they convert into a 'cross back' - and I actually wear them like this more often than not. 


You can probably tell that I'm more than a little impressed by Attollo. Speaking to every member of the team feels like having a cup of tea and a natter with a close friend. I've left every fitting with a smile and never once felt uncomfortable or self-conscious. I just can't wait to fill my bedside drawers with more Attollo products, and I literally tell anyone that listens about Attollo."


Sam - not only can we all vouch how amazing you look in each of your Attollo bras, you are also absolutely beautiful inside and out! Thank you for making our day with this review about your fitting experience with us. 

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