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Customer Edit: "It was life changing for me - my boobs are supported and no longer feel sore every day"

October 31, 2020

In May this year I found out about Attollo - a brand tailored to those with a small back and large bust. I had never really considered myself to have a large bust, but I knew my bra size was wrong because I was bulging from the top, bottom and side of my M&S 34DD.

My boobs were sore all the time and I was so fed up! I had always struggled with fittings because my boobs really fluctuate in size throughout my monthly cycle, they swell up massively during my week of PMS.

When I saw that Attollo were doing free fittings online, I decided to book in and give it a try. I was met by Alice, who I explained my boob problems to, and she recommended that I try a 32E online, which is smaller in the back and bigger in the bust! I decided to order the Emelie longline bra as it was so pretty and I loved the colour. When it arrived, it was a little on the small side, and I noticed that I was putting the 32 band on the tightest hook, so I booked a refit. Alice agreed that this wasn’t my best fit and instead sent me out the Emelie longline bra in a 30FF. She gave me the suggested sizes for the other varieties of bra Attollo provided too, which was an amazing added extra!
In total, I booked four appointments with Alice to ensure that my new bra would be suitable for me throughout the whole of my cycle, so that I could always feel my best, and most uplifted self.

I have had the Emelie longline bra for 4 months now and it is the most uplifting, comfiest bra I own, whilst also feeling so pretty and elegant with lace details and thin straps which can be made into a cross at the back for extra postural support. No more boring beige for me!

I can’t thank Alice enough for putting in so much time to support me in finding the perfect bra from the Attollo range. She was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable talking about my boobs!

I really mean it when I say it was life changing for me - my boobs are supported and no longer feel sore every day. Best of all I have a beautiful bra that fits me no matter what time of the month it is.

Thank you so much Attollo!! X
Ellie looking beautiful in her 30FF Emelie champagne bra. We fitted Ellie 4 times throughout her monthly cycle to see how her sizing changed with PMS, to ensure we could offer the best fit possible.

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February 25, 2021

I truly hope that more women, especially indian women, take that step towards loving their boobs and do a facetime fit with Attollo. 
The whole process from the first facetime fit to the fit check and getting my 30H Emelie was so seamless. There was so much love and understanding and kindness and I truly felt seen for the first time. 

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'Will you offer 26 bands?' is something we're often asked.
'Will you offer 26 bands?' is something we're often asked.

February 12, 2021

At the time, our sizes were 28FF and 30GG and the struggle felt tricky enough. There are many of you beautiful ladies out there who need a 26 band and my word it's not even tricky to find bras that you love, can afford and feel beautiful in, it's almost impossible. 

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