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Customer Edit: "The gold mine of all things bras and boobs"

February 25, 2021

"Attollo truly taught me to love myself and my boobs! Here's how. This is a looooong one so grab a snack if you need it! 
I remember noticing my boobs for the first time when I was 9, definitely the early bloomer in my class. Immediately I was self conscious. Stuff jiggled when I played sports, swimsuits made me feel blah and apparently there was something called a bra that I had to buy!
In india, talk of boobs and bras and our other bits is taboo so it was the most hush hush shopping trip ever. 
Of course, the shops here didn't have anything that fit a very boob-y teenager. So I squished myself into what they had and just felt awful - physically because I had no support from my bra so enter neck aches and back aches at the ripe old age of 14 and emotionally because all my friends would show off their pretty, colourful bras and I had this frumpy nude one. Every time I'd go to buy bras, I'd have to mentally prepare to come back home and cry simply because I felt so awful that I couldn't fit into anything and it felt like I was all alone in this world of bigger boobs!!
When I went from chubby teenager to an active 20 year old, I realised I couldn't do this anymore! I loved running but I didn't have the right bras. Stores here would start from a 32 or 34 and only go up to D, DD if I was lucky!
What's a girl to do, right?! I gave in and began wearing 2 bras, sometimes 3. I had a bra in every size almost. 32DD, 34D, even 36 and 38C's, hoping some magical combination would keep these boobs in place while I ran, worked out, did ballet and practiced yoga! 
The search soon began online for *anyone* who would give me a band size under 32 and go beyond a DD.
Enter Attollo! I found them while scrolling instagram on a search that seemed endless. And they seemed perfect from the get go:
- a small business run by women who have the same issues as me
- they make bras that look so delicate and beautiful
- they do fittings online 
This is the gold mine of all things bras and boobs!! 
I scheduled in the first facetime fit I could find, showing up in my 32DD bra with Fleur making me feel so welcomed and loved, telling me I might actually need to jump to a 30GG. I couldn't be more pleased!
I ordered my first Attollo Emelie and did a fit check with Elsie, who so kindly walked me through the process! She said I might need to move to a 30H and I did. 
The whole process from the first facetime fit to the fit check and getting my 30H Emelie was so seamless. There was so much love and understanding and kindness and I truly felt seen for the first time. 
This was the first time I had ever done a bra fitting where someone explained every aspect of it so kindly, without making me feel awful about my size, getting me to understand and love myself and my boobs in the process!
I currently have the Emelie in Black, Champagne and the gorgeous light blue and have also got my Sienna!! I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that I'd have such gorgeous bras and even a bralette that made me feel so uplifted, so beautiful and so so so supported!! 
For sure, my favourite feature is that the straps can be crossed for that little bit of extra support and this was totally life changing! I've been wearing all my Attollo's with the backs crossed and my boobs are up to my face (almost) in the bestest way possible! I feel so much more hourglass-y thanks to the uplift and the longline and I feel like my posture has got better because my boobs no longer drag my shoulders down.
I truly hope that more women, especially indian women, take that step towards loving their boobs and do a facetime fit with Attollo. 
I can promise you that these are judgement free spaces with the kindest, most understanding women who truly care that you fit into the right bra and feel amazing about yourself. Every woman deserves a bra that fits and makes her feel gorgeous, and Attollo does just that!
Thank you, Attollo!"
Nithya we're so thrilled to hear how much you have loved your Attollo experience, and we've loved our fittings with you. 

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