Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

May 24, 2018

It is Attollo’s strong belief that every woman should have the right to choose the lingerie they want to wear, and should always have the opportunity to feel confident in the lingerie she wears. Until recently neither founder had ever had lingerie in their sizes that fulfilled this, that was until Attollo! At Attollo, our mantra is:

“Give a girl Attollo Lingerie & she can conquer the world”


As you know, Attollo lingerie is co-created and co-designed with customers – we listen to what design features, colours, prints etc that you want and we create it into a range.

For this reason, we wanted to create lingerie, which is co-created and co-designed with you, the customer, that goes the extra mile.

We strongly believed that D+ underwear didn’t just have to look functional and practical, but had to look blooming sensational too, right ladies?

As proof of the extra mile we’ve gone to, here

1. Camel toes

No one wants on of these. No one. We went to extra lengths to make sure that no woman uses the phrase ‘I love my Attollo knickers however they give me such a camel toe’.

We lined up a row of models, fitted them in knickers 1 to 2 sizes too small, and tweaked our design until we were ensured no camel toes were in sight.

2. Sanitary towels

There’s nothing worse than sanitary towels getting stuck to your knickers and not peeling off! It’s gross and only adds to the misery time of the month brings. We’ve ensured that our knicker cotton gussets (material between your legs) is as soft as possible so that your sani pads don’t get stuck!

3. Bespoke materials

Almost all the materials in our bras & knickers are bespoke to Attollo. Why? Because we think you and your boobs deserve the very very best.

Our wires are designed in London and made in France to the exact Attollo shape to ensure maximum uplift and comfort for you. Wires can make or break the comfort of the bra and we couldn’t bare the thought of our bras doing that to our Attollo Girls so we designed our own!

Laces are designed in set widths – and this width is not big enough to cover a GG cup! Shocked doesn’t cover it when we found this out! After finding our lace, we couldn’t imagine another featuring in our debut range – so we had designed and specially made up to a size that is big enough for our GG cups!

Many of you may have seen the glamourous birthplace of our satin – Lake Como! Our premium quality satin is our favourite material – why? Because it gives second to none comfort, smooth lines under your clothes and it feels buttersoft to touch! When we co-designed the first range, you all asked for a lace and satin combination, and asked for a stylist and feminine print. So we created just this – with our wondeful suppliers near Lake Como!



4. Under clothes

Practicality is something that almost all pretty lingerie overlooks. It’s a challenge to make something beautiful yet sericebale for everyday wear!

The lace scallop edge on our Lily bra gives a softer line to avoid that dreaded ‘back fat’ so many of us work tirelessly to avoid having!

Our knickers too have been designed to go under tight fitting dresses, skirts and jeans! We tested this for 9 months to prove that each outfit still maintained an invisible knicker line!


It doens’t stop there. The gold tabs on each of our products are our sign that each product has our gold seal of approval. They are also tactically placed. We spent an afternoon sewing on many different gold tabs to test the placement – under jeans/dresses/skirts. Eventually we found the sweet spot that avoids the gold tab showing through your clothes! You’re welcome!

5. You picked our logo for us

A while ago, we engaged your help picking our logo, and that you did! Thank you for being a part of our branding!

6. Blue for all

This is why we chose blue! Our Lily bra acts as a nude for Caucasian skin and our Emelie bra acts as a nude for darker skin tones!

Read much more about why we love the colour blue so much here.

7. Designed for women, designed by women, Made by women

It’s shocking that most lingerie is in fact designed by men! To us, the wearer of the product should be the designer, creator and maker of the product! We’re incredibly passionate about designing, creating, developing, engineering and producting with women – the wearers of our products! We are a brand founded by two customers, co-deisgned with our customers and made by women in our European factory!

8. Codesigned by customers

We stand by our word when we say that we co-design with you – we love to hear what you think! Next week we are hosting a Codesigning with customers day – we want to hear what you think and what you want from Attollo – from colours, to designs to new products! If you’d like to come, email us at hello@attollolingerie.com! We can’t wait to meet many new Attollo Girls faces.

9. Packaged with love

Each order is packaged and posted by us from Attollo HQ! Prior to Attollo, buying lingerie was filled with dread, despair & frustration. It was so unfair and this is something we have heard from all of wonderful ladies. So we have done our upmost to change this! Each order is wrapped in our bespoke Attollo tissue paper – have any of you spotted the Attollo shop in the illustration yet? Tied in an Attollo blue ribbon, sprayed in our Attollo scent and sealed with a gold foil Attollo sticker. Finally, we write a personalised card to each and everyone of you – thanking you for becoming an Attollo Girl. Buying lingerie should be a gift to yourself or someone else, and it should be an uplifting & special experience that you never forget!

10. Fitting

It’s well known that majority of us ladies wear the wrong bra size. Why? Because bra fitting education is so poor. Few stores explain what size you are, and why this size may vary depending on the brand or style of bra you buy. Few mention how your menstural cycle will affect your size also. A well fitting bra should fit like a glove. As professionally trained bra fitters, we pride ourselves on helping you feel uplifted, well supported, comfortable and most importatly, listened to. Our bra fitting parties will begin soon, however if you can’t wait, why not email us at hello@attollolingerie.com and pop into Attollo HQ for a fitting!

Our job is to make boobs look amazing and we can only do that by working with amazing people, using amazing materials, and challenging the status quo about creating lingerie. We adore our jobs and we love being able to make products that we know have gone the extra mile to make you ladies feel confident, uplifted and special each time you wear your Attollo lingerie.

Love A&Fx

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