How do the press get bra sizing so wrong? Wimbledon Edit

July 11, 2017

This week, the tennis world went mad as our British golden girl, Jo Konta, was the first British lady in over three decades to make it to the quarter finals of Wimbledon. Better still, she beat a past Wimbledon Champion, Simona Halep, to make it to the semi finals.

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The day after, The Mail Online reported that Konta’s opponent, Simona Halep had a breast reduction aged 17.

We support her reasons behind the need for the surgery, we refuse to accept the headline, ‘Jo Konta’s opponent Simona Halep took drastic measures in her bid to win Wimbledon – by having a breast reduction from 34DD to 34C to improve her reaction times

It’s reporting like this article that encourage the misconceptions about bra sizes.

She is not a 34 band. She is not a C cup, and she was never a DD cup.


She’s athletic, slender, and appears to have zero body fat her on.

Although we have never met Simona, using our bra fitting knowledge and experience, we can take a guess that her old bra size would more accurately have been something like 30H.

She has a petite frame and had a very full bust.

Daily Mail


Her reduction was also far more than 3 cup sizes.



Bras sizes are based on an old measuring system whereby each cup size, represents a ratio difference between your underband measurement (in inches in the UK & US) and the cup size is the number of inches difference between the underband. Therefore a ‘C’, an ‘FF’ or ‘G’ don’t ever stand for a set measurement, they stand for a mathematical ratio.

For founders Fleurette & Alice, who measure at 28FF and 30GG. For Fleurette, this in theory means that she has 8 inches difference between her underband and the widest part of her breasts. For Alice, this in theory means she has 10 inches difference.

Although bra sizes do vary, which is inevitable in an industry with many brands, the maths behind lingerie sizing is a shared one.

Like many other sportswomen before her, we can empathise why she would have made the decision to have a reduction. Boobs are a pain some of the time, especially if you spend your life running, jumping and hitting a tennis racket. They simply get in the way!

Halep also commented that regardless of her sports career, a reduction is a decision she would have taken. We hope, that through the right lingerie, which is uplifting, beautiful, stylish, and in due course, swimwear, sports bras, nightwear, etc in addition, if we can change the landscape of lingerie, that some women that currently feel very self conscious of their physiques, will have a changed perception once the lingerie and clothing changes to flatter Attollo Girls.

The media love telling women how we’re all wearing the wrong bra size, which is true for most women, however, how on earth are women ever supposed to know what is right with such incorrect reporting as this! Come to an Attollo Bra Fitting Party and we’re teach you, explain to you, and show you, not only what your size is and why, but also explain what bra styles are best suited for your shape.


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