Customer Edit:

Customer Edit: "I highly recommend you try it out!"

October 09, 2020

I think I’ve only ever found ONE bra that does what I want it to do to my boobs: lift, and push together into a nice shape. This bra, however, is now about 5 years old because they discontinued it, and I’ve never found one that does the same thing, since. 
Then, I discovered Attollo on Instagram. Fleur and I ended up having a couple of FaceTime fittings as I kept getting different sizes to ensure I got the right one. She was very patient and it was a really comfortable experience as she was so knowledgable. And boy was it worth it.
The Attollo bra has a uniquely desirable trait of pushing the side ‘squidge’ of your boob into the middle, so you end up with two boobs focused in line with your body. It also has structural support underneath, so the weight is taken around your rib cage more, not so much on your shoulders. GENIUS!

I have NEVER come across a bra that does this, despite wanting it for, well, probably a decade. The end result means I don’t look as top heavy as I usually do, and I also feel damn sexy in it.

I highly recommend you try it out!