Let Blue Lift Your Spirit

Let Blue Lift Your Spirit

October 27, 2017

I am sure you have plenty of colourful lingerie in your draw but how much of it do you actually wear on a day-to-day basis?

As women we can spend years trying to find attractive lingerie to suit our skin tone, body shape, and designs which are practical for wearing with our staple wardrobe items of clothing. So what do we do as a result? We turn to plain nude shades. Nude has many tones such as tan, skin, brown and we all tend to pick one that matches ours in order to avoid that dodgy underwear line under our clothing.

Us girls want to wear lingerie that makes us feel empowered and beautiful. Nude and beige colours definitely do not do that for me. They make me feel very average and often quite dull.

Blue is nearly always surrounding you, whether it be the sky or the ocean or the forever fashionable blue denim jeans. Blue really does lift the spirit as it causes a chemical reaction that is calming and produces feelings of tranquility. Light blue evokes calmness and a darker blue evokes boldness.

Trust me, change your beige and neutral underwear to blue! My favourite bra is the Attollo ‘Lily bra’ which is a light blue . I put on this bra and I feel sexy and fabulous! If I wear my matching knickers (all Attollo knickers are mix and match-how amazing!) I feel ready to take on the day!

Blue has always been fashionable and classic so we need to bring it back into our lingerie drawers!

The best thing about light blue is that it acts like beige does and is not visible under clothing.



Lily is discrete, she’s innocent, she’s chic and she’s your every day, go to bra. Lets make blue the new nude!


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