Light blue knickers are your summer saviour!

Light blue knickers are your summer saviour!

July 04, 2018

We all love summer. Summer shouts cocktails, sea, sun and cute outfits! However, we all experience outfit malfunctions, especially around this time of year. We all know the main problem is lingerie, but Attollo are your summer saviour!

Summer poses more problems than winter due to lightweight materials, fewer layers and hot and muggy weather. This is just bad news all around for us girls because heaven forbid we might even want to wear a set in the summer?

Amazing lingerie is essential for feeling amazing, it has this incredible power to change your confidence, figure and even your outfit! Yes, I said outfit, Attollo’s bras, both Lily and Emelie give you amazing uplift which change how your clothes sit against your body (check out for more about how wonderfully gorgeous and life changing they are).

Attollo don’t only have your back when it comes to bra’s, they’ve also got ya booty. I’ve always loved a white dress, essential for those summer white parties but finding knickers that aren’t visible is a nightmare!

I’ve tried those seamless nude knickers, yes, they are comfy however they are definitely not the sexiest. I’ve always used the nude knickers as they were the only ones I could find that didn’t show through, but I wasn’t happy. Who feels good wearing dull coloured knickers?! A&F have put a smile on my face by creating, seamless, invisible, gorgeous knickers- yes, I said GORGEOUS!

The Letty light blue and Aurora light blue have been specifically created to act like beige/nude does. It cannot be seen through your light weight, light coloured dresses- YAY!

I can safely say, once you have a Letty or Aurora in your wardrobe, you will be able to experience summer pain free and feeling fabulous! 

Hope you’re enjoying this glorious sun Attollo girls,

Love #AttolloGirl Emmy x