Lisa's Story: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Lisa's Story: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 27, 2020

You read about it in a magazine or newspapers article someone at the height of their career with a beautiful family always smiling, looking so happy in photographs on social media and then from nowhere being diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. In February 2019 that was me.

Within three weeks I’d had a mastectomy on one side which was followed by eight gruelling and complicated months of chemotherapy. Being photographed in my underwear was literally the last thing that I would’ve thought I would ever do, but after seeing an Instagram post by Emma Gunns reviewing Attollo I thought what a fabulous idea and beautiful lingerie.  So I did what anyone would do and talked my best friend into having the FaceTime fitting whilst I sat off camera on my bed. Fleur was just so easy to talk too, full of advice and for the first time in over 18 months I felt confident enough to ask someone if they could help me get out of a sports bra!  She was so kind whilst I explained that my breasts were more like cousins than sisters or twins, and that I wanted to be able to wear even if it was only for a short period of time something that made me feel like a woman again. 
By this time I had had further surgery but rather than trying to sell me something that wasn’t quite right she explained how I would need to wait for awhile until things have settled down.  I really appreciated how honest that was and the right thing to do, so as soon as I was able I had my own FaceTime fitting.  

I saved my first set of black lingerie for my wedding anniversary, I don’t know who was more surprised me or my husband when I asked him to take my photograph.

I was so proud of myself and had fitted the bra so the straps were slightly different to give me a fairly equal cleavage.  I wore the set to dinner that night and to be honest I could have removed my dress there and then, it was the most amazing feeling. So I didn’t hesitate to buy an additional champagne set and send that photograph to Attollo.
I can honestly say that if I hadn’t read the recommendation and saw Fleur in action I would still be in one of my many sports bras.  

Attollo have not only supplied me incredibly high quality garments but have changed the way I feel about myself and I will always be so, so grateful for them in helping me to move forward.  

Love to them xxx


Lisa is such an inspiration and we can agree, looks stunning, beautiful & uplifted in her Emelie x Gigi sets! 
You may recognise Lisa from our new postcard which arrives with every new order....
Lisa's husband even framed this postcard in their downstairs bathroom alongside the surgeon's sketches of Lisa's breasts:
Here is Lisa running the Race for Life
Lisa's smashing her fundraising - can we help her smash it further? Her fundraising page is here:
Finally, before clicking off Lisa's inspirational story, please CHECK YOUR BOOBS. Check what your 'normal' feels like and check check check your girls regularly!
With much love to anyone whose fighting cancer and those who are supporting those in the fight! 

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