Sister Sizes

Sister Sizes

March 01, 2018

Sizing is a mystery, isn't it? Every brand tells us we're a different size. All media seems to tell us we're in the wrong size. It's a mystery and a frustrating, time consuming mystery to solve. Not anymore, we're here to help!

Did you know that most of us women are in fact a small band, large cup size? For years fitters have told us all we're a 32, 34 or 36, when in fact most of us have a smaller band size, and larger cup size!

A perfect example...

ASOS says that the model wears bra size 32F. From the front, the bra looks like it fits. However, you can see the back of the bra arches up her back.




Arching up the back is a sign that the band size is too big. It arches up as it's too loose to give your boobs the correct level of support.

As it's arching considerably, we'd expect that the model is in fact a 28 band size, rather than a 32 band.

Because of the sister sizing rule, where you go down a back size, and go up a cup size proportionately, we'd estimate that this model in fact needs to wear a 28G.

Her sister sizes are: 32F, 30FF, 28G & 34E.

The front of the bra will always look like it fits in all these sister sizes, as they all share the exact same volume capacity, however support will be lacking in all her sister sizes.

This is how high street stores can measure you all into their size range, and it appears that the bra actually fits, when it in fact is giving you very poor support, will affect you posture and your boobs will jiggle as they are left to their own devices...pretty much!

So, if you've been measured as 34 or 32 band in a high street store, and the band arches up your back - come to us and book in your free fitting! We'll have you and your boobs in an amazing fitting bra in no time! We promise, you'll feel the difference in an instant, and you'll never be able to go back to a loose fitting bra again once you've felt how amazing a brilliant fitting bra feels!

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