The Little Black Set

The Little Black Set

June 16, 2018

Everyone says a ‘little black dress’ is essential in every girl’s wardrobe, although I agree with this, I feel the saying should be extended to a ‘little black dress and lingerie set’ is a must have.

 I know my lingerie collection was screaming for some black and Attollo answered my wardrobes prayers and has released the most gorgeous, pretty and lacy black lingerie.

“Our black LILY bra is the ultimate wardrobe staple”

Attollo know us better than we could have imagined, and they’ve released both the LILY and EMELIE longline bra in the black range!!

The LILY bra is beautiful yet discreet and designed to sit comfortably under your clothing along with giving flattering shape and uplift. The EMELIE longline bra is designed to accentuate your curves, making you feel like the best version of YOU!

Attollo is all about being your best self and it couldn’t be any truer. I love my Attollo blue sets but when I heard about the black range, let’s just say excited didn’t quite cover it! I’ve always had a thing for black lingerie but have found it hard to find sets that aren’t provocative or to revealing. By having a mix of stunning black lace and silk, Attollo have found the perfect balance of sensual, sophisticated, stylish, comfortable and beautiful.

To match the EMELIE and LILY bra, Attollo have spoilt us for choice by releasing the POLLY Bikini, LETTY Brazilian, AURORA Thong and the NEW GIGI High Waist knickers in the black range! (More to come about the GIGI High Waist knickers soon).


A Black lingerie set is a classic and timeless look that I can’t help but want to wear again and again.

Be bold in black our beautiful Attollo girls.


Love Emmy x