The Wait is Over

September 01, 2017

Attollo started as a dream of two young women, Fleurette & Alice who dreamt of a lingerie company that listened to what customers wanted to wear, that designed beautiful, flattering, stylish, uplifting, comfortable and affordable lingerie. We, A&F were desperate to remove that embarrassment we felt about our lingerie and instead design lingerie that could transform your confidence.

It felt so unfair that just because we had more extreme sizes, we were destined for life feeling like sub-par women in these dowdy creations that didn’t uplift us, and didn’t excite us. This is exactly how Attollo was named ‘Attollo’ for it’s Latin meaning ‘I lift up’, ‘I raise’, ‘I excite’ because it’s been our mission everyday to do just that.

Sitting above our desks, we each have a framed quote saying, “She believed she could so she did”. We dreamt of amazing D+ lingerie, we believed it was possible, despite having no knowledge or training in bra design. Finally, after over three years of product development (over 1,000 days!), fittings, trialling new design techniques, we now wear lingerie that we feel amazing in. It’s worlds away from how we used to feel in our old bras & knickers.

For the past 4 years, we have given their heart and soul to Attollo and today, is finally the day where Attollo is LAUNCHING. Our world changed the day we started working on Attollo, and again today, our world changes again. Today Attollo begins selling through our website & which we hope will be the beginning of transforming lingerie for D+ women.



You can show us how amazing you look in your new purchases by using the hashtag #AttolloGirl and we’ll feature you on our Attollo Girls instagram page & on our website.

Today, we dedicate to all those Attollo Girls who used to feel self conscious in their underwear, but today hopefully that changes, and we can all feel confident & uplifted. Today is our proudest day yet, and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with you all.

Love A&Fx



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