Where Attollo came from

Where Attollo came from

December 18, 2018

A little about our roots....

Attollo was founded because two ladies Fleurette and Alice had huge boobs and frumpy matronly bras to put them in! There was no choice available for their 28FF and 30GG boobs except beige over shoulder boulder holders - which unfortunately were also the same designs as their grandmothers owned!

Enough was enough! Our founders wanted a brand where all designs where codesigned with customers and designed to offer flatting shapes, natural uplift, gorgeous designs, were practical for everyday wear, flattering, left all women feeling confident and proud and very importantly - affordable!

The lingerie shopping experience used to be such a horrific one our Attollo ladies wanted to make sure the whole fitting and buying process was an amazing and uplifting one. So this is why we do personal bra fittings at home, or at our office, and we hold Bra fit parties too! We also write a personal card to each and everyone of you who order so you feel special, amazing and confident in your new intimates!

Attollo means “I lift up, I raise, I excite” in Latin and our mission is to do that for you beautiful ladies everyday! 

Love A&F x