Why we decided to model our Debut Range

September 14, 2017

For those of you who know our story, you’ll know that Attollo came about because we were both desperate to create bras that we could finally love. After almost a decade each of never finding styles that suited us or represented us as young women, we decided to take the plunge and turn that around.

As young women with bra sizes 28G and 30GG, it was pretty impossible to find a well-fitting bra that wasn’t beige or black. Looking around and seeing friends in pretty, feminine underwear and being excited about shopping for it, we often found ourselves thinking ‘What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my body?’. Almost 10 years on from us feeling this way, when we became bra fitters, we were shocked to see so many young girls feeling the same emotions and asking the same questions, while in bra fittings.

Why hadn’t the story changed?

We realised it was time for us and other girls shaped like us to stop blaming our bodies and look towards bras and the way they’re advertised.

Many women have been lured into purchasing lingerie after seeing a stunning image on a gloriously beautiful model online. We’ve all been there. A package arrives a few days later and the anticipation to rip it open takes over!… and can quickly disappear when you put the bra on and realise it looks totally different on the model than it does on you.

But the truth is, it doesn’t even look like that on her! Recently,  Youtube makeup artist Gina Shkeda had an amazing comeback to a fan who commented on one of her pictures ‘If I could wake up as beautiful as @GinaShkeda I’d be the happiest girl alive #naturalbeauty’? Gina’s response was ‘Girl I have micro bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections – I don’t even look like this you’re flawless’. We love her for that!

This is a great example of how false imagery distorts the way women and particularly young girls, with changing bodies, feel about themselves.  This is why we were determined to stand up for them. Distorted imagery creates false promises. Those promises make you buy the product, then feel terrible about your body. You’ll inevitably compare it to the image that made you purchase it, and you’ll see the biggest difference first – you’re not shaped like the model.

But we want you to be. So we’re leading the way and practicing what we’re preaching! Here’s how and why we decided to model Attollo’s first range:

1. Bras never look in the advert how they’ll look on you. And we hated that!

Through starting this journey, we’ve learnt so much about how bras are falsely advertised. From using models with implants, to airbrushing cleavage to look symmetrical, even to adding cleavage where there is none – and these are just the changes to the model’s body! Then comes the bra: lace replication so the bra is totally symmetrical, smaller sizes worn to give a push up effect and the bra or knickers can also be clipped in at the back to improve the fit and give a push up effect. The images are so photographically nipped and tucked! That’s why, by the time the bra reaches you, it rarely looks the same. The media has to stop selling these false promises to women. It’s to our detriment and we must change it so that our friends, mothers, daughters, nieces and aunts don’t struggle with their own body image.

  • 2. We designed this range for you – not an airbrushed model – so what would be the point!?

We all have stretch marks. None of us have perfectly blemish free skin. We all have lumps and bumps we don’t like. We all have one boob bigger than the other. It’s OK and it’s normal to be asymmetrical – 80% of women are. It’s OK and it’s normal to have stretch marks – I (Fleurette) call them my tiger stripes and I’ve chosen to embrace them because they aren’t going anywhere.

Everyone has body insecurities and we want to help you embrace yours. Your body’s quirks make you different and special. So we saw no point in airbrushing any of ours or our model Lily’s. You’ll see our lingerie from every angle on our website- we were quite literally jumping around on shoot day! So you can be sure that you are getting what you can see here.


3. We were tired of seeing models who didn’t represent us.

Many lingerie models are standard size 34DD. Naturally, bras look different in different sizes but we rarely see anyone similar to ourselves, in sizes 28G and 30GG, so it’s hard to get an idea of what lingerie will look like on us. We’ve shown our bras in multiple sizes – 30FF, 28G and 30GG – to give you an idea. It was also really important to us to create an #AttolloGirl community so you can share how you’re wearing Attollo lingerie and see women like you and how they’re styling the range.


We want you to join us!

We’re leading the way for what we see as the future of Attollo. It’s always been our vision for Attollo to be modeled by real women, so we’ll be passing the baton to you soon enough! Are you ready? Tag your shared images with #AttolloGirl to show us how you’re styling Attollo and how you’ve embracing your gorgeous figure – just like Emmy did!


We’d love to have you as part of our #AttolloGirl Tribe.


Love A&F x

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