Bra size: 30GG
Knicker size: 10-12/M
Favourite bra style: Emelie
Favourite knicker style: Aura or Letty
Been D+ since…? 14 years old – over 10 years ago!
Go to comfort food: Cadbury boost bars (iced buns from the office’s local bakery is pretty unbeatable too!)
Name a favourite place in London: Somerset House. It’s been my favourite since I was a little girl – I used to come up to London from home and sit and eat my packed lunch watching people laugh and smile weaving in and out of the fountains! It feels like a happy & beautiful pocket of London!
Best holiday you’ve been on: Thailand! Have been twice in two years I loved it so much! First with F and again this year with my boyfriend!
Sum up Fleurette in 5 words: a beautiful and kind-hearted soul.



Why you wanted to found Attollo? As a little girl, my only wish for my career was that I loved my job, was passionate about what I did and cared about the industry I worked in. The foundation behind Attollo has always been a personal one which both F and I share; we hated the lingerie available in our sizes, and felt it was only fair that women should be able to choose what lingerie they buy and wear, regardless of size. So making boobs look amazing has been the motivation for the past 3 years! Through making boobs look amazing, women look amazing, and they feel confident; that’s an amazing job to do everyday.
Best boob faux pas? In Thailand, F and I treated ourselves to a Thai massage. Towards the end, the masseuse massages your front. In a almost completely naked state there is little dignity, but you go with the flow! Naively, I assumed the boob massage, then motor boating section was legitimate. Turns out my 60 year old just wanted a good old play with my GGs! F was beside herself laughing whereas I was left red faced albeit thoroughly massaged.
Proudest memory? The day of the photoshoot because we had our product, we had a huge team of people working for us that day, and F and I were overwhelmed by how much we loved our job, how much we cared about getting our message across to our customers and the realisation that the day we’d been working towards for over 3 years was here! Words cannot describe the pride I felt that day.
What you’d like to say to Attollo customers? Thank you, first and foremost! Thank you for believing in us and loving our product enough to buy it!