Find Your Size

Ladies, we’ve cracked the code.

Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? It’s our goal to change that! To find your perfect size and fit, all you need is a tape measure, a mirror and this Attollo Fit Calculator! Ensure the tape measure is horizontal as you measure and type your measurements in below to give you the perfect Attollo Lingerie size.

Select your boob type below:

Full bottom boobs
(1) Full at the bottom:
Those God-given assets are fuller on the bottom than the top. Our bras will give you a flattering uplift to make the most of them! Our uplifting Emelie bra is one that you’ll adore!
One commands attention
(2) One that commands attention:
Most women have one breast bigger than the other- for 65% of women it’s the left! You should always fit a bra to the bigger boob, then tighten the strap on your smaller side! Our Emelie bra will help make the most of your beautiful figure!
Narrow shoulders
(3) Narrow shoulders:
Are the straps always dropping off your shoulders? We’ve designed all our bras to have a cross back option to keep them on all day! You’ll look and feel especially fabulous in our Lily bra!
Close together
(4) Close together:
They love each other so much, they can’t stop touching! Our balcony bras will give you a beautiful silhouette. We recommend our Lily bra.
Narrow breasts
(5) Narrow breasts:
Boobs on the straight and narrow? You’ll feel amazing in styles that will accentuate forward projection, keeping you looking perky! Let’s uplift them with Lily or Emelie.
Wide apart
(6) Wide apart:
You’re a lady with fantastic separation- which means when you bring those boobs together, magic happens! A plunge bra will be fantastic on you and you can try Emelie to accentuate your curves!
Long and lean
(7) Long and lean:
Lace Balconette styles will help you accentuate and make the most of your brilliant boobs! Our Emelie bra will have you feeling fabulous!
Full at top
(8) Full at the top:
Naturally perky and uplifted, you need a bra that will keep you supported and let your natural shape do the talking! You’ll look amazing in Lily or Emelie!
(9) Rounded:
Equally full at the top and the bottom, your boobs need a bra that will support and give them the stunning silhouette that they have on their own! You will love our Lily bra!
Enter your underbust and overbust measurements (in inches) below to find the perfect fit!