Fitting Guide

At Attollo HQ, we believe that if you give a woman the right lingerie, she can conquer the world! We listen to what you're looking for in a bra and advise on what looks and fits best for you, so that you leave Attollo feeling uplifted, confident and looking beautiful in our lingerie! We'd love to help you find a set that makes you feel unstoppable! Click below to book a fitting with one of our expert bra connoisseurs.


First make sure you fit a new bra on the loosest hook! Try the band test – check that you can fit no more than 2 fingers from both hands under the band. This band test ensures you’re getting the most support & uplift! If you can fit more under the band, it’s too loose so we’d suggest a smaller band size. 80% of the weight of the bust is held in the band so it’s important it’s firm. New bras will always stretch with wear so this ensures your bra is supporting you for the longest time!

The back rides up: If the back is riding up, it’s too big! Go down a band size and try the band test!

The cups gape & wrinkle: If the cups gape or wrinkle, they are likely too big! First, try scooping your boobs into the cups – reach down inside your bra and scoop them up towards your chin to ensure the fullest part is in the cup. If the cups are still wrinkling, try the cup size down.

Your boob spills over the cup giving a ‘four-boob’ effect under clothes: The cups are too small! Go up a cup size and try the band test too. You’ll know you’ve got the right size when you’re scooped into the bra and the wires are flat against your chest along the whole curve.

You experience uncomfortable poking, chaffing and parts of the bra are sore on your skin: Chaffing usually means the bra is too loose so is able to move around too much! Try a band size down and the band test above!

If you notice your straps fall off often, first try tightening them! All Attollo bras have multiway backs too, which will ensure you don’t need to readjust all day!

We’re here to help…



Bra sizing is a complicated science. We’re here to make is as easy as possible to understand & here’s a visual to show you what the same breast volume looks like on different band sizes. The colours below each represent a different breast volume - so 2 women with bra sizes 32DD and 30E actually have the same breast volume! If you try on a new bra on the loosest hook and the band is too loose we’d suggest going one band size down and one cup size up – you’ll get better support & more uplift!</>

Fitting Guide


Sister sizes: These bras have the same cup volume. As band size increases, bust letters decrease.

Band size affects bust size. Every DD is different. Cup volume increases as band size increases.

Cup Volume increases as bust letters increase within a single band size.




Put on your bra, on the loosest hook. Put two fingers from both hands under the band - it should be nice and firm around you for support. 80 to 85% of the weight of your breasts is held in the band so it’s really important this is firm! If you can fit more fingers under the band, it’s too loose. Remember, if your bra is brand new, it will stretch out over time (even slightly after a few days). If it’s too loose, try the band size down, if it’s ‘Get-me-out-of-this, I-can’t-breath!’ tight, go a band size up and a cup size down to get the most similar fit!

Now for scoops! Don’t be shy - put your right hand inside the left bra cup and scoop your whole breast towards your chin. This gets the fullest part of the breast into the bra and makes sure there’s no boob getting pinched by the wires! Scoop again on the other side.

Adjusting the straps - if they’re a bit loose, tighten them just enough so that they feel comfortable, but not too much as you don’t want them to dig in! You should be able to pull them up off your shoulders, no more than 2 inches. Look at the wires of the bra - running your fingers from the centre of the bra, along the wires to under your armpits, the wire should be flat against your chest. If it’s on breast tissue, the cup is too small and you need to go one cup size up.

Now look at the cups - if they’re gaping, go a cup size down. If you’re coming over the top at all or have 4 boobs, try a cup size up to make sure it won’t show under clothing!

The most important tip! Is the bra comfortable? It shouldn’t hurt you, you should feel secure, uplifted, supported and most of all in love with your reflection.

Now you’re a bra connoisseur, which of our bras would you like to try? If you’re still not sure, book in a bra fitting with our expert fitters!