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Bra size: 28FF/ 28G
Knicker size: 8-10/S
Favourite bra style: Lily
Favourite knicker style: Aura & Polly
Been D+ since…? 14 years old – over 10 years ago!




Go to comfort food: Moussaka! I’ve been known to eat a 2 person Moussaka in one sitting. Always followed by a nap, so only in the evenings!
Name a favourite place in London: I love Regent Street – it’s got some of my favourite shops and looks beautiful in the Summer and the Winter. Also it bisects Soho and Mayfair - lots of hidden gems there. I could be around there for hours!
Best holiday you’ve been on: That’s too hard a question to answer - I love to travel! Favourite holiday days ever have been in Iceland, the Caribbean (too hard to pick one island!) and also the Amalfi coast. I love to swim in the warm ocean!
Sum up Alice in 5 words: Energetic, creative, bubbly and boobs. Boobs because those always come up when you talk to Alice!
Why you wanted to found Attollo? We’ve both always felt that everyone has the right to feel confident with their body. After all, you spend most of your life wearing clothes and underwear, so shouldn’t you feel great in them!? Before Attollo, we never found underwear that made us feel confident and helped us feel like our best selves. We have so many friends who feel the same too, so we were determined to change that!
Best boob faux pas? Alice and I went back to our University to give a speech. Travelling straight from the office, we got changed there. I’d made the mistake of bringing a different bra for my plunge wrap dress than I’d tried at home and OH MY GOD the girls would not stop trying to escape *covers eyes*. I had to run around the office pleading for a safety pin! Whenever I introduced myself that evening, the usual ‘look down at chest’ was a lot more awkward!
Proudest memory? Seeing our first products come off the production line! When we founded Attollo, we had not been trained in business, fashion design or production processes. We had so much to learn but we always kept our end goal in sight and were reminded of it daily by the sea of beige and black bras in our wardrobes! Seeing our first bras and knickers come off the production line meant so much more than watching the process alone. It was symbolic of how far we’d come and and how much we’d learnt. Most of all, it was time to make D+ women feel and look amazing! We’ve been so incredibly excited to share Attollo with you – now it’s time!
What you’d like to say to Attollo customers? We hope that in Attollo, you find lingerie that you are excited to wear and that makes you feel absolutely unstoppable! We love to hear from you so please do get in touch if you have any reviews, suggestions or comments! Last but not least, a big thank you for believing in us enough to buy Attollo Lingerie!